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I recently hosted a Virtual Book Club Meeting featuring  Linda Y. Watson, author of the novel, Necessary Measures. During the meeting, we discussed the book, played an icebreaker game, and I even read an excerpt from the novel (click here to listen to the VBCM). The book is a great read for book clubs and I hope you pick up a copy. Also, congratulation to Yolanda B. president of the Yolove’s Book Club and Tanya W. of the Delaware Professional Black Women Book Club. They were the winners in our latest book giveaway contest. Both book clubers won copies of Linda’s novel, Necessary Measures as well as my book A Literary Diva’s Guide to Hosting a Fab Book Club Meeting. Interested in joining us at my next VBCM? Please subscribe to the blog so you can stay informed about my next upcoming conferences and events.

-Joy Farrington “The Book Club Expert”

Virtual Book Club Meeting with Author Linda Y. Watson and hosted by Joy Farrington, The Book Club Expert

Necessary Measures by Linda Y. Watson

 Karyn Johnson barely survived a life of domestic violence and prostitution until her girlfriends put a plan together to give her the ultimate freedom.   Now eleven years later, she’s married to a wonderful man, has a wonderful life and suddenly one of her friends demands that she returns that deadly favor or else.
Sherry Lakeside has always struck out in the man department and her current affair with one of her best friends husband is no exception. The moment her lover threatens to expose their secret, her life takes a downward spiral into hell of which there is almost no return.
Yvette Glover believes that with a successful career and doing anything and everything to finally land the man of her dreams, the world and everyone else revolves around her.  When her husband learns of her deception, he threatens to leave her penniless and she’s forced to come up with a plan that will keep her in the lifestyle she deserves-even if he has to die for it to happen.
Veronica Smith, has always kept her love life a secret, and has in turn, sacrificed her happiness by putting everyone else first.  Now fate has decided to be kind and she finally lands the perfect mate, but fate adds a dark twist that will test her love for her friends and threaten to destroy everything she’s worked so hard to build.
In Necessary Measures, the bonds of love, friendship and sisterhood are tested beyond
a reasonable doubt.

Author’s Website: http://lindaywatson.com


Purchase your copy on Amazon.com

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  1. I cannot get into the pubit website. I have the latest updates on my computer.

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