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How to Host a Book Club Meeting

A Literary Diva’s Guide: to Hosting a Fab Book Club Meeting by JoyFarrington

On Sale: $10.99 plus free shipping and handling

Spice Up Your Next Book Club Meeting!

Book Description: Learn ways to keeps your book club members motivated to read every book of the month and make each book club meeting unique. Imagine being in a book club where every member of your club attends each meeting motivated to participate in the book discussion and looks forwards to see what surprises you have in store for them.

Did you know that many book club members don’t participate in book discussions because they’re not sure what questions to ask?

Did you know that many book club members start to lose interest in reading a book if they don’t begin reading soon after they purchase it?

Did you know that members will begin to lose interest in the club and may stop attending if they become bored with the same old format?

There are simple steps you can take to enhance your members’ book club experience and make each meeting more memorable.

In this book you will learn:
1. How to invite authors to your meeting
2. How to turn virtually any book into an interactive meeting.
3. Create questions for your book discussions
4. Where’s the best place to host a meeting
5. Learn how to create a meeting agenda
6. Use technology to enhance your book club meetings
7. Create book tie-in games
8. How to motivate your members to read the book of the month

On Sale Now for Only $10.99

Who should read this book?

  •  Book club presidents 
  • Seasoned book club members
  • First time hostess
  •  New Book Clubs Members

Rave Reviews for A Literary Diva’s Guide:To Hosting a Fab Book Club Meeting

“I really, really enjoyed your book. It was very informative. The information in your book is what I was looking for when I was starting my book club. But there was also great information in your book that I will use to enhance my book club. I was very excited when I read it and am looking forward to any and all information you have to share” – Tanisha Derrico, GyrlTalk Book Club

“Just what every book club needs!” -OOSA Online Book Club

“An excellent  reference for anyone starting a book club or seeking ways to engage the members of an already established book club.” – Desiree Dalton Sexy Ebony BBW African American Book Club

A Literary Diva’s Guide to Hosting a Fab Book Club Meeting is a much needed resource for all book clubs that are wanting to keep their meetings fun, fresh, and fabulous!” – Tanisha Webb, KC Girlfriend Book Club and co-founder of The Black Book Club Experience”

Currently on sale for $10.99 plus Free Shipping and Handling

There’s Only a Limited about of Books Available at this Great Price. So Don’t Delay, Order your Copy Today!

Product Details:

ISBN 978-0-557-26027-0
Copyright Joy Farrington (Standard Copyright License)
Publisher Nubian Lit Publishing
Published January 2, 2010
Language English
Pages 87
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Dimensions (inches) 6.0 wide × 9.0 tall

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